Controller for HomeKit 4.0 is here! What’s new?


This new customizable area is shown after app start and allows you to easily create an individual HomeKit control center.
The data shown in control views can be selected explicitly or is provided by powerful smart filters.
In just a few clicks you can create one that shows all power states from light services in the kitchen and living room, grouped by their value.

A great control view to check and control your lights quickly.

A basic set of control views to start with is being created for you.


New unique feature to accomplish actions not possible before with HomeKit!

  • “Hey Siri, unlock the door for 30 seconds.”
  • “Hey Siri, status of my windows and doors.”
  • “Hey Siri, turn on the lights at 7 am.”

A workflow is defined by a series of steps and can be executed manually, with a Siri phrase or a Siri Shortcut. You can execute scenes, read or write device values, pause execution, create time-based automations and define a output in the order you need it. The output is displayed or read out by Siri. By using the clipboard action in a Siri Shortcut you can retrieve the output and use it.


  • Adding iCloud files synchronization.
  • Control views are saved within your backup.


  • Improved characteristic start event – start an automation on any value change.
  • Improved editing interface of automations.


  • Show active state of scenes.
  • Easier creation of a new scene during editing of automations.


  • Hide all unsupported vendor specific characteristics.
  • Improved reading of actual values from the devices.


  • Choose the landing screen. (Overview or home)
  • New help desk link for improved support experience.
  • Option to remove all donated siri shortcut actions.


  • Search
  • Custom views (Part of control views)
  • Custom ordering of data
  • Hiding of characteristics & services
  • HomeKit calender for time based automations