As described in the feature description there are great use cases to use selective restore. This post will explain the options how to get this done.

Backups view

Navigate to the backup you want to restore.

Check the accessory assignments.
How to check backup accessory assignments

Algorithms compare your current setup with the selected backup data. In this example there seems to be an issue with your scenes.


This example setup only contains data that is accessible for 3rd party apps.
Please inform you about the 3rd party app limitations in the feature description.

In case your setup is not 100% 3rd party compatible there may be some warnings and explanations.

Scenes view

You can browse through your backup similar to a real setup. The symbols help you to identify differences between the selected backup and your current setup. In this example two scenes report some difference.

The scene ‘Lights OFF in the kitchen‘ seems to be missing completely. Thats why the restore button is shown. If you press that button, the scene gets created and their actions will be added.

The scene ‘Lights OUT’ seem to exist, but it has an issue with its actions.

Select this row to dive deeper into the backup data.

Scene actions

The scene detail view is showing all their actions.

By scrolling through the list of actions you quickly notice which elements are missing. Press the restore button to add this action to this scene inside your current setup. If the restore completed successfully, the algorithms will recalculate the differences and the state of this element changes to the green symbol.

Use the button in the navigation bar to open the setup version of this scene.

Automations view

This is another example showing the automations view. The first section lists the event based automations. The seconds section includes all time based automations.

The automation ‘Lights and heating off when leaving‘ exists, but there seems to be an issue with its components.

Select that row to get more details.

Automation details

This view is showing all parts of this event based automation.

The procedure is the same.
Use the buttons to restore the specific parts.

Room details

The last example.

This accessory should be in the bathroom but is assigned to the living room.

Restore process vs selective restore

There are only a few things you cannot restore selectively at the moment.

  • Accessory names
  • Service names
  • Associated service types (outlet vs fan vs lightbulb)

Just use the restore process therefore.