A backup contains the logical structure of your setup. An app cannot add accessories automatically to your setup. Due to HomeKit’s security concept this task has to be done manually by using the HomeKit codes.

To assign the corresponding accessories from a backup and your current setup, the app is using some accessory and service informations. You can find more details here: how to load all accessory informations.

Accessory assignments

If you have selected a backup you should check the accessory assignment status first.

The green checkmark symbolizes that for every accessory in your backup a real accessory was found in your current setup.

If this is the case, you can proceed with browsing the backup and restoring data.

Incomplete assignments

The red cross in the accessories row symbolizes a problem.
Not all accessories are assigned.

Select the accessories row to get more information about the assignments.

Missing accessories

One reason could be that your backup contains more accessories than your current setup.

In this case you have two options.

  • Add the missing accessories
  • Remove the accessories from your backup

Add missing accessories

The default action should be to add the missing accessories.

Afterwards you should check that the assignment informations of your current setup are complete. How to load all accessory informations.

Backups created with a much older version of this app or with incomplete accessory informations may not be able to assign accessories automatically.

The assign accessories button won’t be successful.
In this case you can select the not assigned accessories and assign them manually. The app supports that process by recommending accessories.

You should consider to create a new backup though.

Remove an accessory from a backup

Sometimes an accessory is missing because it broke and you have removed it.

Within the manual accessory assignment view you have the option to remove an accessory from a backup completely.
This action cannot be undone!

To contain a valid backup structure, the removal of an accessory may also remove other parts like:

  • Actions from scenes
  • Services from service groups
  • Characteristics from automation start events or conditions
  • Accessory from it’s room

You could also replace it by adding a similar accessory which you need to assign manually. If you have not used custom vendor characteristics or services, it could also work with one from another vendor.