This is our biggest update yet!
We are excited to finally share it with you.

We want Controller to be one of the best HomeKit tools.
That’s why we love your feedback, it allows us to make Controller even better.
And with this update, we did that. Our main focus was to improve your experience while using Controller.

To achieve this, we redesigned the whole app:
  • The user interface is easier to navigate and understand. It’s prettier and works a lot better on iPad.
  • Synchronization is improved so that working with Controller on multiple devices is seamless.
  • You can select icons for everything.
  • Filters and Smart Folders allow you to keep track of your setup no matter how complex it gets.
  • Improved device controls make controlling your smart home quick and easy.
  • The new camera view shows you all your cameras.
  • You can filter and export logs. Additionally, you can see logs for specific accessories or characteristics.
  • Many more bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.
Because of this major rebuild, a few things don’t work anymore as they used to.
  • Control Views are removed because they don’t play well with our new user interface. However, they will be replaced with a better solution soon!
  • The global search is removed because with the new interface it’s already much easier to find everything you need.

Controller for HomeKit 5.0 is a major milestone.
Besides all the mentioned changes, we will release a new update every two weeks from now on. This allows us to improve the app step by step while you get new features and improvements much faster.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we do.
If you like, tell us what you think:

Stay safe and healthy.