This update brings support for service groups and grants pro-users more control over service and characteristic presentation.

Service Group Support

  • Manage service groups
  • Service groups are visible to Siri and allow you to control a group of services through Siri.

Service and Characteristic Preferences (Pro-Feature)

  • Hide a characteristic for a specific service.
  • Hide a characteristic type for all services.
  • Hide a service for a specific accessory.
  • Hide a service type for all accessories.
  • Use aliases to change the display name of a characteristic type.

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Improved input for automation start-events and conditions.
  • The accessory state is updated more reliable.
  • You can change the service type of contact sensor. E.g., See a contact sensor as a door, window, or garage door.
  • Removed the play icon from camera screenshots.
  • Added icons for windows.
  • Fixed: Can’t set negative values in ranges for automations.
  • Fixed: Temperature conditions don’t support Fahrenheit as input.
  • Fixed: State of a new accessory doesn’t update until restart of the app
  • Fixed: Names restored from backup only update after restarting the app.
  • Fixed: Accessory view doesn’t show related automations if it’s used as trigger/condition.

Thanks for all your feedback!