This guide will help you to replace an Accessory with another.

Create a Backup

Before you can replace the Accessory, you need a backup that contains information about how the old Accessory is used. It’s a good idea to create a new backup directly before you replace the Accessory.

Remove the Old Accessory

When you are sure that you have a current backup, delete the old Accessory from the setup.

Assign Accessories

Select the Backup you want to use and open it. You cannot directly restore your home because Controller cannot find the Accessory you just removed. Select “Assign Accessories” and then choose the removed Accessory from the list. 

Replace the Accessory

Controller needs to know how to deal with the Accessory that it cannot find anymore. Scroll down and choose “Replace Accessory”. If you did already add your new Accessory, select it. Otherwise, pick “Add Accessory to HomeKit” and do so now. Then select the Accessory.

(You might need to go back and select “Replace Accessory” again for the Accessory to show up.)

Assign Services

If there is a green checkmark in the top right corner now, Controller can replace the Accessory without issues, and you can skip this step.

Depending on your old and new Accessory you need to tell Controller how to match the old Services with the new Services. For example, if you replace a power strip with three outlets with another similar power strip, you need to tell Controller which of the old outlets will be replaced by which of the new outlets.

If the new Service you select is missing some Characteristics of the Service in the Backup, you will get a warning. You then have to confirm that you want to replace it. Controller will then remove the missing Characteristics from all Scenes and Automations that use them.

You can also remove a complete Service from your Backup if your new Accessory doesn’t support it anymore. You can then restore all other Services of the Accessory.

When you have assigned all Services, the green checkmark will appear, and you can go back to the list of unassigned Accessories.

Save Your Changes

When you have assigned all unassigned Accessories, you can continue to restore your home. If you have made changes to your Backup, Controller will ask you to save a copy of the original Backup. We recommend doing that, especially if you deleted Accessories or Services from the Backup.

Restore Your Home

After saving your changes, you will be in the backup view. You can now browse your Backup and see how it differs from your current setup.

When you select “Restore Home”, Controller will guide you through applying all changes. Alternatively, you can selectively restore some changes while browsing the Backup.

All Done

Congratulations, you have replaced your Accessory wherever it was possible.