Do you use Smart Folders to manage your setup? We have great news for you! Controller for HomeKit 5.5 comes with new filters for Automations and Scenes. It also brings a Homemanager integration, better onboarding, and performance improvements.

New Filters for Smart Folders

We’ve got a lot of feedback regarding our Smart Folders, and we’re happy that we could include some of it in this update. We added a lot of new filters that can help you to organize your home better.

Filters for Automations

In complex setups, it’s easy to lose track of your Automations. The brand new filters for Smart Folders make it even easier to organize them.

We created filters to find Automations that use the sun’s altitude, the presence of people, or locations.

Another new filter helps you to identify Automations with an invalid configuration. With it, you can see all Automations that are missing a start event or trigger no actions.

Last but not least, you can now filter Automations by their activation state.  

Filters for Scenes

We also added a new filter for Scenes. It allows you to find empty Scenes that don’t include any Actions.


Homemanager Integration

Many of you use a Homebridge to extend your HomeKit Setup. You can now open the Homemanager app directly from your Homebridge Accessory. It’s a great app that will make managing your Homebridge a lot easier. Check it out here:


Our new onboarding will now greet first-time users. It gives them a quick overview of the features and helps them to get started.

Dropped the Backup Indicator

Sadly, we had to drop the backup indicator introduced in Controller 4.4 because of performance issues. While it was a great reminder to keep your Backup up-to-date, it also required us to evaluate the Backup status constantly.


After a lot of thought, we decided to include app telemetry in Controller for HomeKit. That means, from now on, we will collect information about how the app is used. It’s important to note that we don’t care about the usage of any single user. Instead, we are interested in what our users, in general, do. We do this strictly to learn how we can improve the app.

If you are not comfortable with that, you can opt out of this in the app settings.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

As usual, we have also fixed many minor bugs and tweaked the general performance of the app.