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This update brings a better user experience and a much-improved camera view. Additionally, some previous PRO features are now free to use for everyone.

Many users use our camera view to keep an eye on their cameras, and in the last year, we got much feedback about it. So we used that feedback and gave cameras a make-over.

We improved the camera overview to look nicer, and you can simultaneously start the live stream of all your cameras. In addition, when you look at a single camera, it’s now possible to pan and zoom the camera feed to get a better look at what’s going on and quickly execute Scenes in the camera’s Room.

Improved Accessibility (VoiceOver)

We took some time to make sure our app is navigatable for visually impaired people. While there still are some issues, it’s now much easier to use it with VoiceOver. We will continue to work on this, and if you use VoiceOver, please let us know if things are bothering you. 


Custom Icons, Aliases, and Hidden Characteristics are now free for everyone.
You can choose from almost 300 icons, rename HomeKit characteristics and hide characteristics or services to feel more at home in your setup.

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Miscellaneous Improvements

  • It’s now easier to see if an Automation or Scene is active.
  • Improved reliability of a Scene’s active state.
  • Scenes show you in which Automations they are used.
  • Smart Folders can be duplicated now.
  • New option to remove an action from a NFC-Tag.
  • The home image in the menu can be hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • On macOS, Alerts will no longer appear behind other views.
  • On macOS, entering values for time-based start events works as expected. 
  • Automations without Room are now displayed correctly.


Do you like the new features? Or do you have suggestions on what we should do next? Feel free to contact us and let us know!

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