A backup lets you save the current state of your HomeKit setup. Controller creates comprehensive backups, but there are some limitations you should know.

Adding Accessories

You must always add accessories manually with the setup code on the device. That means, if you delete your home, you must create a new home and add all accessories. You can then restore the settings and uses of the accessories from the backup.

Direct Actions

Automations that trigger actions directly (without using a scene) are only possible with Apple Home. Controller cannot restore these actions. If you wish, Controller can transform direct actions into Scenes for you.

Shortcuts and Airplay Actions

Automations that trigger Shortcuts or AirPlay Actions are Apple Home exclusive. Backups will not include those actions.

Apple Devices and HomeKit TVs

HomePods, Apple TVs, and HomeKit TVs are also Apple Home exclusive and are not part of backups.

Apple Home Settings

Apple Home settings like room backgrounds, favorites, and room order are not part of HomeKit. Controller cannot access or restore them.