We often get requests to translate Controller for HomeKit into more languages. However, as a small team of two, we don’t have the resources to offer a professional translation for many languages. Because of this, we want to give community translation a chance.

That means if you would like Controller for HomeKit to support your language, you can help us to make that happen.

At first, we’ll start with a Polish translation to gather some experience with the required tools and workflows. We’ll then add more languages in the future.

If you are fluent in Polish and English and want to help us translate Controller for HomeKit, please send a mail to support@controller-for-homekit.com. Let us know if you’d like to help, and we’ll give you access to our translation tool and a beta build of Controller with the current translation.

If you want to help us with other languages, please email us too. That will allow us to decide which languages to add next.

Translation Process

You can learn more about the translation tool here: https://poeditor.com/kb/how-do-you-use-poeditor-contributor

As a starting point, we have translated everything with DeepL into Polish. This automatic translation is decent in many cases but awful in some others.

The next step in the process is to review the automatic translation.

  • Where it is decent, you can remove the flag A for Automatic.
  • Where it is wrong, you can directly fix the translation or set the flag F to mark it as fuzzy. The fuzzy flag indicates that the translation needs to be revised later.