Get more out of your HomeKit setup
with these unique features.

Backup & Restore

Create complete backups of your HomeKit setup or save a selection of complex automations or scenes. Browse a backup and see the difference to your current setup. Restore a backup completely or individual elements.


Customizable area that is shown after app start. Create your individual HomeKit control center. Add predefined views or use smart filters to generate a view and its contents.


A workflow is defined by a series of steps. You can execute scenes, read or write device values, pause execution, create time-based automations and define an output in the order you need it. Workflows give you the power of the HomeKit API.


Make your home smart. Create automations not possible with Apple Home. Support for all types of start events, conditions (and / or) and duration. Easily create and clone timers.


Get interesting insights into your setup by checking the live logs. Observe value changes of your accessories and improve your scenes and automations.


Easily find the scenes and automations which contain an accessory. “Used in” informations are shown in multiple places to make your life easier.

Calendar synchronization

Get a HomeKit calendar for each of your homes. Enable the calendar synchronization and check your timers in your calendar app.

Custom characteristics

Did you know that Apple Home is using only the standard characteristics of your accessories? With controller you can also use all vendor specific characteristics.


Save time and use the search bar to quickly navigate through your HomeKit data. With it’s powerful algorithm you can search something like “light power on” to get all lights that are switched on.

How to’s

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