Petition to Apple and Craig Federighi as Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

Since the introduction of Apple Home in 2016, there have been discrepancies between what Apple can do with HomeKit and what other developers are allowed to do. Unfortunately, with every new iOS release, this problem is getting worse.

There are many features Apple is keeping private for no apparent reason. For example:

  • HomePods and Media Playback
  • HomeKit TVs
  • Adaptive Lighting
  • Automating accessories without creating a scene

You can find an exhaustive list of these features, what they do and why Apple should make them public here.

These restrictions are why HomeKit apps can’t implement many of our users’ most-wanted features, and they cause many complaints about our apps.

The most annoying thing about HomeKit isn’t missing features. It’s Apple-exclusive features. Because of them, there are always inconsistencies between Home and other apps. Apple makes sure that every HomeKit user needs to use Home, yet Home itself isn’t giving you all the features HomeKit offers.

Most HomeKit users arrive at the point where they want more complex automation and use advanced features like logs or backups. Maybe they want to use an app with a different user interface and an alternative way of doing things.

However, if they give 3rd-party apps a go, they are inevitably annoyed at the inconsistencies caused by Apple’s restrictions. So, they must choose between giving up features that make their Home better and living with these irritating limitations.

Currently, Apple is transitioning from its official label “Works with HomeKit” to “Works with Apple Home.” While that’s easier to understand for consumers and in itself not an issue, it’s an indicator that these problems will likely become even more prevalent in the future.

As developers, we want to build better apps. As users, we want HomeKit to be better. We believe that Apple wants the same things, but they are moving in the wrong direction. 

By making HomeKit more attractive, 3rd-party apps are benefiting Apple. We help users with issues, bring innovative new ideas to HomeKit, and promote HomeKit. Not to mention that Apple is taking a cut every time we sell our apps.

Everyone with an interest in HomeKit will profit from better HomeKit apps.

Here is what we need to make better HomeKit apps:

  1. Apple needs to give us access to all HomeKit features.
  2. Apple should provide an explanation for features where this isn’t possible.

Please help us make Apple see that the public HomeKit API is essential for HomeKit. Sign this petition and share it. Every signature is a step toward better HomeKit apps.