This privacy policy refers to the iOS app Controller for HomeKit.

Controller for HomeKit interacts with Apple HomeKit and TelemetryDeck.
The following text explains what data we share with these services and how we use it.

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Jan André

Apple HomeKit

Controller for HomeKit interacts with the HomeKit Framework of Apple.

More information about it is available here:

The user grants the app access to his HomeKit setup. After that, the app has permission to interact with the HomeKit database of the device. Due to the app’s usage through the user, the following HomeKit data is being presented or edited. (homes, zones, rooms, devices, services, service groups, characteristics, time-based and event-based triggers) Controller For HomeKit will save every change into the HomeKit database.

The communication with HomeKit-devices inside the house or synchronizing the database between Apple devices is done by Apples HomeKit system.

Anonymized crash and usage data might be transferred to Apple or third-party servers to improve stability and overall user experience.

Use of Data

The HomeKit platform enables the user to build a home automation system. The app uses the data from the HomeKit database to show the system’s current state to the user. The user can change this state by using the functionalities of the app. Changes are written back into the HomeKit database.

Anonymized crash and usage data is used to improve the product.

Disclosure of Data

HomeKit data is only available in the app and will not be stored or send anywhere. By using HomeKit, you agreed that information is stored in Apple’s iCloud. If you share HomeKit functionality with other users, parts of the data will be visible to these persons.


Controller for HomeKit collects pseudonymized usage data. We use the service TelemetryDeck to collect and store that data.

More information about it is available here:

Use of Data

We use the collected data exclusively to improve the stability, user experience, and features of Controller for HomeKit.

We send a pseudonymized device identifier to ensure that we will not record data multiple times.
All analysis is in respect to all users and will not single out any user.


  • What percentage of pro users has a Backup?
  • How many accessories does the average user own?

Disclosure of Data

We collect data that allows us to understand how users interact with Controller for HomeKit. That includes the time spent on specific screens, clicked buttons, or the number of objects created.

All signals also include a pseudonymized device identifier to avoid duplication of data.