This privacy policy refers to the iOS app Controller for HomeKit.

Collection of data

This app interacts with the HomeKit Framework of Apple.
More information about it is available here:

The user grants the app access to his HomeKit setup. After that the app has the permission to interact with the HomeKit database of the device. Due to the usage of the app through the user, the following HomeKit data is being presented or edited. (homes, zones, rooms, devices, services, service groups, characteristics, time-based and event-based triggers) Every change will be saved into the HomeKit database.

The communication with HomeKit-devices inside the house, or the synchronization of the database between Apple devices is done by Apples HomeKit system.

Anonymized crash and usage data might be transferred to Apple or third party servers in order to improve stability and overall user experience.

Use of data

The HomeKit platform enables the user to build a home automation system. The app uses the data from the HomeKit database to show the current state of the system to the user. The user can change this state by using the functionalities of the app. Changes are written back into the HomeKit database.

Anonymized crash and usage data is used to improve the product.

Disclosure of data

HomeKit data is only available in the app and will not stored or send anywhere. By using HomeKit you agreed that data is stored in Apple’s iCloud. In case you share HomeKit functionality with other users, parts of the data will be visible to these persons.


In case of questions please refer to:

Jan André