Advanced HomeKit Notifications offer a new level of interaction between you and your smart home. With them, your home can notify you about everything important and lets you immediately respond with the right actions.

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Advanced Automations

Automations are a crucial component of HomeKit. They make your smart home smart. Nevertheless, Apple’s Home app gives you a simplified and limited view of HomeKit’s automations. Controller lets you leverage all HomeKit features to create the best automations possible, and we put a lot of effort into making it as smooth as possible.

Vendor Characteristics

Did you know that Apple Home is using only the standard characteristics of your accessories? With Controller, you can also use all vendor-specific characteristics.

Backup & Restore

Setting up a smart home is a lot of work. 
From naming accessories to creating a complex set of automations, it is easy to spend hours on your setup. Controller for HomeKit helps you to keep your setup safe. Create a Backup so you can always recover if something goes wrong.

However, Backups in Controller let you do much more than just recovering from a broken setup. 

HomeKit Codes

Many HomeKit Accessories come with a setup code. You need it to add the Accessory to your Home, and you need it again if you want to reconnect the Accessory later. It’s really annoying when you require the code but can’t find it. Or if it’s printed on the Accessory, but the Accessory is in a hard-to-reach place in your Home.

Controller can store all your codes for you so that they are always at hand when you need them.


Homes are as individual as their owners, who carefully craft their look and feel to match their imaginations. We want you to feel at home while looking at your HomeKit setup. Therefore Controller gives you several customization options.

Smart Folders

HomeKit setups can become complicated. You get a new accessory, create a new scene here and add a few automations there. Suddenly you have 30+ automations, and every time you’re looking for one, it takes you some time to find it.

With Smart Folders you can keep track of all the parts in your setup.

Camera View

HomeKit users love their cameras, and our camera view lets them shine. It’s the best way to keep an eye on your Home from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


Smart Homes are great because they can make your daily life more comfortable. Well, except when they don’t. Sometimes automations don’t work as you expect, or something behaves weirdly. Logs help you deal with that.


Workflows are routines that can execute tasks in your home. They are a sequence of steps that will be executed consecutively. Each step is an action in your home, like reading or writing a value. In comparison to automations, you must start Workflows manually, but they give you much more flexibility.


HomeKit setups are often complex, and there are some issues that we see happening time and time again. They clutter your home and may cause unwanted HomeKit behavior. Mostly they are easy to fix but hard to find.

Controller allows you to identify, understand and solve the most common issues in your setup.

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