We are improving Controller for HomeKit continuously!

Controller for HomeKit 5.3

This update brings Controller for HomeKit to your Mac and your Apple Watch. Additionally, we now also offer a 7-day free trial. Controller on Mac Controller for HomeKit is the first full-featured HomeKit app on the Mac App Store that works on Intel and Apple Silicon. It includes all free and PRO features. Requires macOS…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.2

This update brings support for service groups and grants pro-users more control over service and characteristic presentation. Service Group Support Manage service groups Service groups are visible to Siri and allow you to control a group of services through Siri. Service and Characteristic Preferences (Pro-Feature) Hide a characteristic for a specific service. Hide a characteristic…

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Controller for HomeKit 4.1

Backup & Restore: Create complete backups of your home setups or select individual automations / scenes for a partial backup. Browse your backup and check whether the data is equal to the current setup. Easily restore individual parts one by one or use the restore process with customizable steps. Try out all these features with…

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