Controller for HomeKit 5.13

You like our features and updates?Get access to all PRO features today and save 5$! This update brings a better user experience and a much-improved camera view. Additionally, some previous PRO features are now free to use for everyone. Many users use our camera view to keep an eye on their cameras, and in the last year, we got much feedback about it. So we used that feedback and gave cameras a make-over. We improved the camera overview to look nicer, and you can simultaneously start the live stream of all your cameras. In addition, when you look at a…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.12

Our first update in 2022 makes it easier for you to interact with Controller for HomeKit. With Widgets, NFC Tags, better Smart Folders, and significantly improved performance on macOS, it’s full of exciting new features. Widgets When you want to control your Home, it’s supposed to be effortless. You don’t want to look for a way to do something; you just want to do it. The faster, the better. With Widgets, you bring HomeKit to your Home Screen. Use them to have your most essential Scenes, Workflows, and Cameras at your fingertips or access Controller for HomeKit’s features faster. By…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.11.1

Released on November 24, 2021 (only for iOS)

This update contains some critical bug fixes for our iOS version:

  • Adding Scenes to an Automation or Watch Screen is not possible.
  • Assigning Accessories to a Room is not possible.

Controller for HomeKit 5.11

Released on November 22, 2021

We made various UX improvements throughout the App. Furthermore, we also fixed several bugs and improved the overall performance.

Controller for HomeKit 5.10.1

Released on November 12, 2021

Bugfixes and performance improvements.

Controller for HomeKit 5.10

Released on November 5, 2021

HomeKit setups are often complex, and there are some issues that we see happening time and time again. They clutter your home and may cause unwanted HomeKit behavior. Often they are easy to fix but hard to find.

Due to this, we introduce our Maintenance feature. It allows you to detect, understand and solve the most common issues in HomeKit setups. With it, it’s easy to keep your home organized and avoid annoying problems.
What will Maintenance check?

  • Accessories with low battery
  • Unresponsive Accessories
  • Blocked Accessories
  • Accessories in your default Room
  • Accessories without a HomeKit Code
  • Missing Accessory information
  • Duplicate serial numbers
  • Duplicate names
  • Automations created by Siri
  • Lapsed timers
  • Inactive Automations
  • Automations with invalid configuration
  • Apple-exclusive or empty Scenes
  • Scene limit
  • Empty Rooms
  • Empty Zones

Controller for HomeKit 5.9

Version was never released and contents integrated in Controller 5.10.

Controller for HomeKit 5.8

Released on October 10, 2021

This update focuses on stability and brings various bug fixes.

  • The temperature unit is now automatically the same as the system’s unit.
  • Characteristics only show pinned values that they support.
  • The app asks reliably for HomeKit access if necessary.
  • Backups will still show up for the right home after renaming a home.
  • Long pressing the back button shows the correct navigation stack.
  • Color previews ignore brightness values to give a more realistic preview.
  • Log deletion on app start is more reliable.
  • Apple Watch App includes troubleshooting information to fix HomeKit synchronization issues.
  • Fixed some layout issues introduced with iOS 15
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the app in some scenarios.

Controller for HomeKit 5.7

Released on October 4, 2021

New Maintenance Feature

Keep your setup in order with our new Maintenance feature. It detects common setup issues in your home and helps you to fix them. For now, this includes:

  • Schwache Batterien
  • Low Batteries
  • Unreachable Accessories
  • Blocked Accessories
  • Automations created by Siri
  • Lapsed Timers
  • Broken Automations
  • Inactive Automations
  • Empty Scenes

This feature is still in development, but you can test it now to help us improve it.

Redesigned Settings

We also redesigned the app settings for a cleaner look that makes finding the settings you need easier. On that occasion, we added the option to change the app’s light or dark mode independently from your system settings.

Purchase Information

In the app settings under Pro Version, you’ll now get more information about your purchases. Including when you made purchases, how much time in your free trial or subscription remains, and if a family member shares the purchase.

Controller for HomeKit 5.6

Released on September 23, 2021

Usage data is now completely anonymous. No device identifier will be transferred anymore.

Controller for HomeKit 5.5

Do you use Smart Folders to manage your setup? We have great news for you! Controller for HomeKit 5.5 comes with new filters for Automations and Scenes. It also brings a Homemanager integration, better onboarding, and performance improvements. New Filters for Smart Folders We’ve got a lot of feedback regarding our Smart Folders, and we’re happy that we could include some of it in this update. We added a lot of new filters that can help you to organize your home better. Filters for Automations In complex setups, it’s easy to lose track of your Automations. The brand new filters…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.4

We are excited to release Controller for HomeKit 5.4, which brings significant improvements for backups. 3rd Generation Backup Backups are a crucial feature, and they are the reason many of you use Controller. Because of this, we utilized our experience and feedback from the last four years to create the next generation of HomeKit backups. Usability We invested a lot of effort into making backups easier to understand and use. When you create a backup or restore your home, Controller will guide you through the necessary steps. It recognizes common issues and helps you to solve them. We also added…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.3

This update brings Controller for HomeKit to your Mac and your Apple Watch. Additionally, we now also offer a 7-day free trial. Controller on Mac Controller for HomeKit is the first full-featured HomeKit app on the Mac App Store that works on Intel and Apple Silicon. It includes all free and PRO features. Requires macOS 11 (Big Sur). Optimized Layout The Mac-specific layout uses the large screen to show your home in the best way. Multi-Window Support Open detail views side-by-side for a more efficient workflow. With this, you can easily compare two automations or edit an automation and a…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.2

This update brings support for service groups and grants pro-users more control over service and characteristic presentation. Service Group Support Manage service groups Service groups are visible to Siri and allow you to control a group of services through Siri. Service and Characteristic Preferences (Pro-Feature) Hide a characteristic for a specific service. Hide a characteristic type for all services. Hide a service for a specific accessory. Hide a service type for all accessories. Use aliases to change the display name of a characteristic type. Improvements and Bugfixes Improved input for automation start-events and conditions. The accessory state is updated more…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.1

After the massive changes in 5.0, our first update in 2021 is focused on improving the camera view and fixing bugs. Improved Camera View Arrange your cameras in a grid. Sort the cameras how you like. Hide cameras you don’t need. Adjust the aspect ratio of your cameras. Cameras indicate if motion is detected. View camera feed in full-screen mode. Customize the camera view layout. Quick Start Actions Long press on the app gives you quick start actions to open cameras, accessories, scenes, or rooms. Improvements and Bugfixes Characteristic type filters don’t show type “custom” anymore. iPad will show the…

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Controller for HomeKit 5.0

This is our biggest update yet! We are excited to finally share it with you. We want Controller to be one of the best HomeKit tools. That’s why we love your feedback, it allows us to make Controller even better.And with this update, we did that. Our main focus was to improve your experience while using Controller. To achieve this, we redesigned the whole app: The user interface is easier to navigate and understand. It’s prettier and works a lot better on iPad. Synchronization is improved so that working with Controller on multiple devices is seamless. You can select icons…

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Controller for HomeKit 4.1

Backup & Restore: Create complete backups of your home setups or select individual automations / scenes for a partial backup. Browse your backup and check whether the data is equal to the current setup. Easily restore individual parts one by one or use the restore process with customizable steps. Try out all these features with the BASIC version! In test mode new backups are usable for 10 minutes. Synchronize your backups with iCloud Drive or save them locally on your device. Improved accessory assignment logic. This update is the result of 6 months of hard work.Thanks a lot for your…

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Controller for HomeKit 4.0

Controller for HomeKit 4.0 is here! What’s new? OVERVIEW: This new customizable area is shown after app start and allows you to easily create an individual HomeKit control center.The data shown in control views can be selected explicitly or is provided by powerful smart filters. In just a few clicks you can create one that shows all power states from light services in the kitchen and living room, grouped by their value. A great control view to check and control your lights quickly. A basic set of control views to start with is being created for you. WORKFLOWS: New unique…

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