We are excited to release Controller for HomeKit 5.4, which brings significant improvements for backups.

3rd Generation Backup

Backups are a crucial feature, and they are the reason many of you use Controller. Because of this, we utilized our experience and feedback from the last four years to create the next generation of HomeKit backups.


We invested a lot of effort into making backups easier to understand and use. When you create a backup or restore your home, Controller will guide you through the necessary steps. It recognizes common issues and helps you to solve them. We also added many hints that make it much clearer how to work with backups.

Replace Accessories

Controller will help you to replace Accessories in your home. For example, if a light in your home breaks, it’s a hassle to manually edit all Scenes and Automations to use a new light instead. When you have a backup, you can now tell Controller that the new lamp should replace the old one and let Controller fix your setup. It’s even possible to replace a device with another that has fewer features. E.g., replacing a color light with a white light.

HomeKit Codes

Have all your HomeKit Codes in one place, ready to be scanned when you need them. Controller lets you store codes for all your Accessories and shows them to you when they are required to restore your home. You can also export a pdf document and print it to have a physical copy of your codes if you want.

Archive Scenes and Automations

Archiving Scenes and Automations is a way to remove them temporarily from your setup. Imagine you have intricate Christmas lighting that you want to reuse next year. If you don’t want the Scenes and Automations cluttering your home all year, archive them. Controller will remove them from HomeKit, and you can quickly restore them next Christmas.

Backup Status

The new backup status shows you if your latest backup is still up-to-date. That way, you always know if you have changes in your setup that are missing from your backup.


We created guides for the most common backup use cases to help you when you’re stuck. They are accessible directly from the app.

And More

  • Backups include more information like icons, room order, and HomeKit Codes.
  • Improved performance. Backup creation is much faster.
  • Improved reliability. Even more edge cases are recognized and handled.
  • Renamed objects are better recognized and handled in backups.
  • We improved texts and error messages.
  • Many minor fixes and tweaks.

Miscellaneous Improvements

While backups are by far the main focus of this update, some other improvements are worth mentioning.

Open Ranges in Automation Start Events

There are two new options for automation start events. You can create Automations that HomeKit will trigger if a value is “less or equal” than a threshold. Similarly, they can be triggered if a value is “greater or equal” than a threshold.

iBeacon Support

You can now create Automations that will be triggered if you get close to an iBeacon. Backups include iBeacon Automations, and Controller can restore them.

Main Characteristics of Services

We improved the recognition of the main Characteristic of a Service. Similar Accessories will now show the same Characteristic in list views.

And More

  • We fixed some minor UI bugs on macOS.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented some users from exporting logs.
  • We improved how we handle translations in our app. Those are mainly improvements in our code for now, but it’s a big step towards supporting more languages in the future.