Our first update in 2022 makes it easier for you to interact with Controller for HomeKit. With Widgets, NFC Tags, better Smart Folders, and significantly improved performance on macOS, it’s full of exciting new features.


When you want to control your Home, it’s supposed to be effortless. You don’t want to look for a way to do something; you just want to do it. The faster, the better.

With Widgets, you bring HomeKit to your Home Screen. Use them to have your most essential Scenes, Workflows, and Cameras at your fingertips or access Controller for HomeKit’s features faster. By the way: Widgets also work on macOS.

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NFC Tags

NFC Tags are an inexpensive solution to integrate HomeKit seamlessly into your everyday life. They are like Bookmarks for controlling your Home. Hold your iPhone next to them to run Scenes and Workflows or open a specific view in Controller for HomeKit.

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A short introduction to using NFC Tags to control HomeKit

URL Scheme

Widgets and NFC Tags use our URL Scheme to access HomeKit features. We decided to make the scheme public so that you can use it too. That means you can create links like controllerforhomekit://v1/rooms. When you click it, Controller for HomeKit will open and show your Room overview. There is much more the scheme can do.

Learn more about our URL Scheme

Improved Smart Folders

We made Smart Folder even more helpful by making it much quicker to switch between them. You can now see all your Smart Folders at first glance and use them with a single tap. You can edit your Folders by touching and holding them. To avoid you having to start from scratch, we will automatically create a selection of helpful folders for you if you don’t have any yet.


There are four improvements for Workflows in this update:

  1. You can now see the progress of a Workflow when you execute it.
  2. The step ‘Write Value’ can use parameters. With this, you can save an Accessories state and restore it later in the Workflow.
  3. We added a new step that allows you to enable or disable Automations.
  4. Start Workflows quickly with Widgets or NFC Tags.

HomeKit Codes

With this update, it’s possible to save HomeKit Codes for Accessories that require a Code despite being a bridged Accessory.


All Automations in a Smart Folder can now be enabled or disabled at once.

macOS Performance 

We significantly improved our performance on macOS. Especially, switching between menu points and scrolling through lists is much smoother now. We also fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash on macOS when scrolling through large lists.


This update fixes two bugs with Cameras. First, the camera preview isn’t flickering anymore. Second, it’s now possible two use 2-way audio on Mac without a crash.


Do you like the new features? Or do you have suggestions on what we should do next? Feel free to contact us and let us know!