General information about Advanced HomeKit Notifications:
Notifications Feature Page

Detailed information about all types and parameters of a notification:
Anatomy of a Notification

How Tos

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to try it out for free?

Yes. Our yearly subscription starts with a 7-day free trial. If you don’t like the feature or want to buy Lifetime, you can cancel within that period.

What’s the difference between local and server notifications?

Local notifications belong to a single device that is running and displaying them. Server notifications can address multiple devices. You trigger them by calling a URL of our Notification Service, which will then send the message to your devices.

Is it possible to integrate current HomeKit values into a message?

Of course!
In short: Change the Get contents of URL shortcut action to POST. Add “title” or “text” keys to the JSON Body. As the value, you can use Shortcut variables. If you used the Home App shortcut action to read a state from your device, you should be able to insert that into the notification.

What does Interruption Level mean?

The interruption level controls how your device will try to get your attention when the notification arrives. For example, the level determines if the device’s display should light up and if it should play a sound. You can find out more in Anatomy of a Notification.

Can I use Notifications on my Apple Watch?

Yes! The notifications sent to your iPhone will also arrive on your Apple Watch. In addition, it supports notification actions that execute a Scene or open a camera.

For what do I need a secret?

The secret is part of all URLs in our Notification Service. It identifies you and ensures only somebody who knows your secret can send you notifications. So please keep it safe, and don’t share it. Of course, you can always generate a new secret, but you’ll need to update all your URLs too.

The received notification does not have the right title & text. What’s wrong?

If you see a default notification, please restart your device. To improve your privacy, the title & text is inserted locally by the app. Sometimes iOS & macOS do not activate that at first use. A restart should resolve it.

Can I send Notifications to my family members?

Not yet. You can only send notifications to devices with the same AppleID as yours. However, this feature has been requested many times since we released Advanced Notifications, and we’re working to make it possible.