Our most significant update yet! One year in the making and finally ready.
We redesigned the whole app and made it an even better tool.

Like we wrote in our more personal Announcement, this is only the beginning for us.
Thanks for being on board!

New Things

Controller 5.0 includes many new features and improvements. This page gives you a quick overview. If you want to read more about specific features, check out our Features.

New Design

The user interface is easier to navigate and understand. It’s prettier and designed to give you information where you need it. Use “long press” on elements in the app to access the context menu. It will provide you with quick access to relevant actions.

We also made sure that the design works great on iPads!


The new design lets you personalize your setup. Choose icons that embody your accessories, order rooms, and put a picture of your home in the app. All changes you make are synchronized between your devices.

Filters and Smart Folders

Keep track of your setup, no matter how complex it gets. You can now filter scenes, automations, accessories, and logs to find what you’re looking for. Save your Filters as Smart Folders to reuse them quickly in the future.

Improved Logs

Logs are displayed more concisely, and you can filter logs to find relevant information faster. Export logs if you want to analyze them in-depth.

Camera View

Keep an eye on your home. The new camera view shows you all your cameras in one spot.

Things We Have Removed

This update is a major rebuild. If you used Controller before, there are a few things you might miss in 5.0.

Control Views

Control Views are supposed to make controlling your home more comfortable. While redesigning them, we realized how much potential they have and how hard it’s to tap that potential with the current implementation. Due to this, we removed them for the moment. We want to do them justice and will bring you a much more powerful solution soon!

Global Search

The purpose of the global search was to find things quickly. With our new design, this felt unnecessary. It’s much easier to find everything now, and we stopped using the search ourselves. We removed the search because we want to focus on features that bring more value.