Dear publishers,
Please use the following informations if you are about to write an article about my app.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional question.

I would love to get informed about the postings!

Jan André

PM to @AndreJan90 or @ctrl4homekit



Everybody gets the basic version for free by installing the app.
It will always provide a full featured HomeKit experience.

On top of it the PRO version offers features that focus on professional and more complex smart home setups.

Basic version (FREE):

Homes – primary home
Backups – Test mode (new backups deleted after 10 minutes)
Overview – 3
Workflows – 3

PRO version (IAP)

Homes – ALL
Backups – ENABLED
Overview – UNLIMITED
Workflows – UNLIMITED
Development – SUPPORTED

Release information

Controller for HomeKit 4.1 will be released on Tuesday 24th of March.



In this Dropbox we provide screenshots of every major feature for all device types and screen sizes.

Feel free to use them!


New videos in the making and will be shared here.